NI singer Rose-Marie Kane dies at 68

Rose-Marie Kane
Rose-Marie died suddenly in Blackpool, said presenter Robin Elliott [PACEMAKER PRESS INTERNATIONAL]

The Northern Ireland singer and entertainer Rose-Marie Kane has died.

She was 68.

Originally from County Down, the entertainer released 19 albums.

She sold out the London Palladium on several occasions and appeared in The Royal Variety Show.

She was also a television and radio personality and was a former judge in the BBC talent show Go For It.

'Miss her terribly'

Ms Kane grew up on a farm outside Newry and was the eldest of six children.

A post on her Facebook page said:

"It is with heavy hearts and enormous great sadness, that we have to announce the sudden passing of our much loved Rose-Marie, in her beloved second home of Blackpool. Rest in Peace, dear heart."

The Belfast based radio and TV presenter Robin Elliott was friends with Ms Kane.

He said he was "totally devastated" in a post on Facebook.

"We shall miss her terribly," he said.

'Awful news'

The singer was due to host an evening of music and entertainment at the Joe Longthorne Theatre in Blackpool at the end of June.

Singer-songwriterJaney Kirk said she was "totally shocked" and "deeply saddened".

"We spoke only last week. I knew she had not been well but no way was expecting this awful news. Won't ever forget the memories and laughs. No more dear hearts from the dearest heart ever," she added.

The NI director of LGBTQ+ magazine GNI, Daniel May, said he was "completely shocked and devastated".

"Going to miss her. We were as thick as thieves. Always had so much fun. It’s an honour to have had you as a friend," he said.

'Everybody loved her'

Rose-Marie on a promotional poster for her BBC Radio Bedfordshire programme
Rose-Marie had a show on BBC Radio Bedfordshire in the 1990s [BBC]

Former BBC Radio Bedfordshire station editor, Mike Gibbons said: “It was a real joy to have Rose-Marie as one of our guest presenters, working particularly with the Irish and country music communities in Luton and the three counties, of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

“She was a great, intuitive presenter and everybody loved her.”