Next generation of Ford family to take seats on board

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The fifth generation of the Ford family are due to take their place on the automaker's board of directors

The next generation of Henry Ford's descendents are set to take seats on the board of the American auto giant he founded in 1903.

Two of the founder's great-great-grandchildren have been nominated to the board of directors: Alexandra Ford English, 33, and Henry Ford III, 40, the company announced Friday.

The family has been represented in company leadership for all of its 118 years of existence. Shareholders will vote on the latest nominations on May 13.

Bill Ford, father of Alexandra Ford English, currently chairs the board, which also includes Edsel Ford II, father of Henry Ford III.

Edsel Ford II, 72, will step down from the board in May, along with John Lechleiter, the former chief of pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly.

The representatives of the younger generation of Fords already work at the automaker: Alexandra Ford English in strategy and Henry Ford III in investor relations.

Alexandra Ford English also represents Ford on the board of directors of Rivian, which is due to deliver its first large electric vehicles within the year.