Newly married Bride and Prejudice stars living apart

Kristine Tarbert
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After much controversy surrounding their relationship, Jessica and Seyat ended up tying the knot on last week’s Bride and Prejudice, but it’s now been revealed they are no longer living together.

The newlyweds, who got married despite Seyat’s mother disapproving of the union, are not living under the same roof anymore, after Jessica moved out of his parents’ house to pursue studies interstate.

“I’ve gone back home to my parents,” she told New Idea magazine.

Jessica and Seyat tied the knot on  Bride and Prejudice. Photo: Channel Seven

Jessica is now living in Townsville after being offered the opportunity to study a course in Marine Biology and Zoology, but said she and Seyat, who lives in Melbourne, are still very much a couple.

We are very much still planning to move out together,” she told the publication. 

It comes after 20-year-old Seyat admitting to cheating on Jess during the earlier stages of their romance.

“At the start of our relationship she wanted to date me but I didn’t want a girlfriend, plus I still had feelings for my ex,” he told Who magazine last week.

Bride and Prejudice couple Jess and Seyat have been rocked by another scandal. Source: Channel Seven

He also admitted he’d be “flirty” with other women while the pair were together.

The couple’s relationship has had its ups and downs during the filming of Bride and Prejudice, particularly due to Seyat’s mother Fatima disapproving of her son’s partner. 

Despite concerns from the couple and their castmates, Jess and Seyat’s wedding day went off without a hitch, and the worst that came from Fatima was a foul mood.

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