Newly divorced TV host gains 8kg and loves it

US talk show host Jeannie Mai has been through a lot this year; from announcing her divorce from her husband of nearly a decade, to finding out just six months later that he’s going to be a father with his new girlfriend.

But the daytime presenter took to Instagram amid her ex’s announcement to share some positive news of her own — her 8kg weight gain.

In a pair of before-and-after photos, 39-year-old Jeannie posed in the exact same dress at her previous weight and after her weight gain. Although she looks undeniably gorgeous in both, she shared why she made the decision to add a few kilos and how it’s making her happier.

“On the left is the first time I tried on this dress, at a weight I’ve kept for 12 years, 103 lbs [47kg],” Jeannie wrote. “Staying [47kg] came from my self control to lose ‘chubby’ teenage weight and a stressful idea that my body was built to look best ‘thin.'”

But after believing that she needed to strive to be lean for so long, the recently single Jeannie decided she’s been through enough and doesn’t want her body to continue to suffer.

“I realise that I’ve been thru so much sh*t mentally and emotionally, why the hell should my body be forced to suffer (from my over controlling ways) too?,” her caption reads proudly. “I don’t have a weight goal…just a promise to be as physically strong as I am mentally indestructible.”

Having previously been transparent about her decision to divorce her ex-husband, Jeannie has seemingly adopted the strategy of being open with her over one million fans and followers, who remain interested in how she is moving on from her long-term relationship.

Her process seems to have a focus on getting to know and love herself, which body image has a lot to do with.

“So far I’m 3 months of eating more, (clean protein and saying yes to carbs!!), lifting heavy weights (best therapy ever!!) and truly loving all of me,” she wrote. “Not sure where I’m headed but I know I’m gonna look the best I’ve ever looked because I’m spending quality time on ME. Here’s to Mai first.”

Although the star doesn’t go into more details about her specific routines, Mai has been posting a lot of her workouts to Instagram and seems to be attaining fitness influencer status.

Mai’s fans noticed the difference, mentioning in the comments that she looks both healthier and happier. But what the TV star points out herself is the opportunity for more camera angles.

“I’m def learning now that a figure with curves offers interesting angles,” she writes. And she’s certainly learning how to work them.

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