Can you guess this bonkers new sex slang of 2020?

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2020 was year of unexpected twists and turns for people all across the globe, and let’s just say the new sexy slang to come out of it reflects that sense of bewilderment.

Each year produces its own, unique terms for doing the dirty, getting down to business, or as your parents may have called it, making sweet, sweet love.

Woman sexy whispers to man representing 2020's sex slang
How we talk about sex is ever-evolving, but 2020 may take the cake for the most bonkers new expressions. Photo: Getty Images

If you’re worried you’re not up to date on getting down never fear, Love Honey has revealed all the top sex slang that dominated 2020.

The lingerie and sex toy brand have released a handy and illuminating list of all the must-know saucy terms that emerged from this year, or simply became more important to understand than ever before.


Did you eat a peach this year, engage in a little five knuckle shuffle, or fall victim to the old postboned? Do you have no idea what I’m talking about? Then this list is for you.

Strap in ladies and gents because we’re going deep into the sexy slang you need to know from 2020.

Two women in bed represent sexy slang of 2020
Sexy slang gpot even more whacky than usual in 2020. Photo: Getty Images

Eating the Peach

Eating the peach is an enjoyable summer activity, and that doesn’t just go for the literal meaning of the term.

Eating the peach is another way of saying going down on a woman.

I trust I don’t need to elaborate on why ‘the peach’ is an apt term, but suffice it to say both versions of this phrase are a pretty sweet way to spend the summer hours!

Man whispers to woman who looks pleased in bed
Dancing the Mattress Mambo was the closest many of us came to dancing this year. Photo: Getty Images

Dancing the Mattress Mambo

You might not need to be educated on what the Mattress Mambo refers to but it sure is our favourite way of talking about good old fashion sex from this year.

All the best dancing happens when we’re horizontal, right? Dancing the mattress mambo is just classic in-bed sexual activity that may have been the best, and only, dancing you got to do this year!

Five Knuckle Shuffle

The Five Knuckle Shuffle might sound like a fun, vintage tune for the 1930’s but it’s far more up the alley of the roaring ’20s than the austere years of the depression.

The five knuckle shuffle is another way of saying male masturbation, with the very visual term relatively self-explanatory for anyone who has given it a go.

Other fun, if slightly unusual terms include ‘spanking the monkey’, and ‘poaching the egg’.

Woman looks cheeky in bed represents female masturbation
We had nothing but private time this year, which may be why 'private browsing' was a popular phrase. Photo: Getty Images

Private Browsing

Let’s hear it for the ladies, who are sorely overlooked when it comes to alternative terms for a little bit of self love.

Private browsing is a subtle way of saying female masturbation, our favourite kind of one-on-one DIY time.

This slang is perfect is you want to talk sexy times with your pals, but you don’t want the full weight of the judgemental patriarchy to come crashing down on your shoulders should someone overhear you in public.


Kink is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot, but what it actually means took centre stage this year as we had more time than ever to dive into the ins and outs of our sexual pleasure.

Kink is defined as any sexual practice that’s unconventional. there’s the classic example of a fascination with feet, but other practices like group sex also come under the term (though not a recommended practice in Covid time it goes without saying!).

Man looks at watch, running late because of sex
If you're running late because of a sexy rendezvous, you've been postboned. Photo: Getty Images


Postboned is when you’ve been postponed, but for a very naughty reason.

Postboned refers to tardiness because of too much fun in the sheets. If you’re running late because of an unexpected sexual encounter, you’ve been postboned.


Queening is sexy time fit for a queen and refers to the bold move of taking an – ahem – front row seat to aforementioned peach eating.


A bit of an obvious one, the toygasm is peak 2020 when social distancing turned sex into more of a private affair than most years.

Sex toy sales famously went through the roof this year, and we’re hoping so did toygasms.

The toygasm is that distinct orgasm you only get from your bestie aka you vibrator.

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