New mum defends baby's unusual name

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Jade and Joshua received backlash online for their daughter’s unusual name photo: SWNS

Choosing a baby name is a minefield. Factors to consider include longevity – (can anyone imagine a 90-year-old named Destiny?) – to carrying on a dusty family name, to picking something that won’t make your child’s life a misery (sorry Apple).

Well one couple has been left dodging shrapnel after their unusual name choice blew up online.

Jade and Joshua Jeanes had been trying to conceive for over seven years, so when they finally held their daughter in their arms they were determined she would be given a very special name.

Jade – an avid Disney fan – at first toyed with classic princess names like ‘Belle’ from Beauty and the Beast, but eventually decided to think bigger-picture.

The couple decided the great man himself should be their daughter’s namesake, and settled on ‘Disney’ for their little princess.

However, the new mum’s delight quickly turned to dismay when she became the subject of online taunts on social media, after other parents mocked her for straying off the beaten path.

Her post attracted insults and nasty comments, leaving the new mum shell-shocked.

Jade is bewildered at the hate Disney’s unique name has attracted Photo: SWNS

“It’s just a name,” the bewildered 26-year-old told South West News Service.

She’s holding her head high, however, and says the friends and family that matter the most love the name.

“It’s no one’s business what we decided to call her,” the new mum insisted, pointing out unusual names are becoming the norm.

The young family haven’t let it affect their new lives, enjoying time with their new daughter who they dream of one day taking to her namesake DisneyLand.

“Disney is quite a personality,” Jade says. “Her name suits her and her personality loads.”

The couple also aren’t letting the hate get in the way of their future plans; Jade says any future children will also get unique titles, and plans to call a future son ‘Sonic’ after the iconic video game character.

It’s not the first time an unusual baby name has raised eyebrows online; parents are quick to share names they hate, and recently a thread sharing strange names went viral, though without the same amount of vitriol.

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