Brian McFadden reveals: My new married life

Brian McFadden: My new married life

January 21, 2013, 1:42 pmnewidea

In an exclusive interview with New Idea, Brian talks about his calm new married life, and what really happened with old pal Kyle Sandilands...

Brian McFadden reveals: My new married life
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This week, Brian invites New Idea into his home with new wife Vogue Williams for an exclusive interview, where they talk feuds, kids and their new start.

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In place of Twitter controversies, on-screen spats and aeroplane arguments, Brian is relishing in a life of low-key domestic bliss since he wed his 27-year-old love Vogue last year.

"Now our idea of a special night is actually to stay at home together, cooking food.

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"Our day-to-day life is pretty quiet, you know," grins the former Australia’s Got Talent judge.

Despite admitting to not spending much time with his wild pal Kyle Sandlilands since entering into married life, Brian insists there was no row over the shock jock’s failure to MC the couple’s wedding.

Loving the low key life! Brian and Vogue reveal all about their new wedded bliss. Image: New Idea

"Kyle flew all the way to Rome, drove to Florence and had every intention of gettin’ to the ceremony until he came down with a migraine. **** happens.

"We still speak on the phone, get coffee now and again, but he lives quite a long way away and both our lifestyles have changed."

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Happy with their new life together, Vogue - who ‘definitely’ wants children with Brian one day - says of their low key lifestyle:

"We like to keep each other on our toes, but we could spend the guts of a month together and never have an argument."

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Brian gently disagrees:

"I have slept on the couch a couple of times with Winston if I got home drunk from the football!"

Read the full interview exclusive interview - including what Vogue really thinks about Brian's so-called 'playboy' past - in this week's New Idea - out now!


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