Usher's plan for Justin Bieber to go vegan

Usher's plan for Justin Bieber to go vegan?

September 5, 2012, 4:34 pm Bang Showbiz | New Idea newidea

The singer wants his 18-year-old protege to go vegan, just like him!

Usher s plan for Justin Bieber to go vegan
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Usher wants his love of his vegan diet to rub off on his protege singing pal Justin Bieber, say reports!

Since his father died of heart attack in 2008, the 33-year-old singer/actor has gone from meat-eating to veganism - and thinks young Justin Bieber should do the same.

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"Usher frequents a few vegan restaurants in New York City and not only loves the food, but feels like it's the healthiest way to live," a source told

Besties - Justin Bieber and Usher have a chat at the Billboard Music Awards in May. Source: Getty

"He's desperate to get Bieber on the same health kick he is and thinks with all the touring and busy schedule he has, it would keep him energised."

The source added: "Usher is really close to Bieber so he's pushing the importance of eating healthy on him and it's something he takes really serious.

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Justin, 18, certainly hadn't given up on meat earlier this year, as he celebrated winning at the Billboard Music Awards in May by dining out at fancy steak restaurant N9NE at the Palms restaurant in Las Vegas.

"So far Bieber's not feeling it, but he looks up to Usher as his mentor, so it won't be ruled out!"

Despite his passion for eating vegan, Usher has been previously under fire by an animal rights charity for his penchant for fur coats as gifts.

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