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August 22, 2011, 8:19 amnewidea

This week in New Idea: 22 Aug

Mary & Kate: Now the best of friends!

They both come from commoner backgrounds, have a shared passion for fashion and good causes, and their husbands are in the same line of work! Little wonder Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, have formed one of the royal world’s closest friendships. The young Brit has admired the Aussie’s graceful transition into the Danish court and has been eager to get advice. For her part, Mary sees herself in Kate and didn’t hesitate to take Prince William’s wife under her wing, even prompting designer Karl Lagerfeld to comment: ‘Kate is like a younger sister to Mary who is both beautiful and elegant.’ Now New Idea reveals the intimate details of Kate and Mary’s growing royal bond.

Exclusive: Olivia Newton-John’s daughter betrayed

In a shock move, Olivia Newton-John’s daughter Chloe Lattanzi has cancelled her wedding just weeks out from the big day, after learning her fiance James Driskill is already married to another woman! Long-troubled Chloe, 25, discovered James was leading a double life when a mutual friend dropped the bombshell, revealing James had been married to wife Nina since 2005. ‘Chloe is devastated and so is her mum,’ a family friend told New Idea.

The Block’s Josh & Jenna get set to walk down the aisle

They have only just finished renovating the house of their dreams on The Block, but it seems popular couple Josh and Jenna have taken on another ambitious project: planning their wedding day! Despite being known for their tumultuous relationship on the hit reality show, the financial freedom the show has brought them has fuelled speculation that the young couple are set to tie the knot.

Daniel Morcombe witness: ‘I wish I could’ve saved him’

Sunshine Coast woman Delwyn Hallett has been haunted by the memory of Daniel Morcombe for almost eight years – she may have been the last person he spoke to before he went missing in December 2003. Now, with the arrest of Brett Peter Cowan, she is dealing with the horrible thought that if she hadn’t avoided accidentally striking Daniel with her car, he may be alive today. ‘I was driving home and was tailing another car and all of a sudden this boy appeared from nowhere,’ an emotional Delwyn recalls. ‘I often think maybe if I had hit him, he might have ended up in hospital but at least he would be with us.’

Exclusive: Joan Collins – Fame, feuds and my toyboy husband

With plans to tour Australia in November, 78-year-old Joan Collins sits down with New Idea and reveals she is not ready to slow down yet. ‘I enjoy working. I have enormous energy. I don’t want to sit by the fireplace, knitting and waiting for a pension – not that I’d be entitled to one!’ she says. In this exclusive interview, Joan lifts the lid on fame, her enduringly bitter feud with Linda Evans and her relationship with toyboy Percy Gibson, who is 32 years her junior. And in typical style, the one-time TV ‘superbitch’ doesn’t hold back!

New Idea Food – 25 of our easiest recipes yet!
From the ultimate pepper steak recipe to the most scrumptious chocolate fondants, New Idea gives you loads of easy-to-make meals in one convenient 24-page pull-out booklet! Our dedicated Test Kitchen team and guest chefs, including Manu Feildel and Eamon Sullivan, have whipped up tasty dishes that your family and friends will want to share again and again.

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  1. V06:07am Sunday 04th September 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    When we're travelling in our caravan, I pick up old New Ideas that people pass on. The silly made-up stories make me laugh .. Angelina and Brad splitting, Mary and Frederick splitting, baby for Jen .. never happened .. and now the 'we're friends' story of Kate and Mary. Please! How about some real journalling, rather than trash?

  2. julieafan12:32pm Tuesday 23rd August 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Just one question, if Mary and Kate is such good friends why wasn't she at their wedding??? I like Kate, don't like Mary even though I am from Denmark.

  3. 10:46am Tuesday 23rd August 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Oh please, what a ridiculous article. As if the Duchess of Cambridge has even heard of Princess Mary, let alone taking advice from her! And what would they possibly have in common? Catherine/Kate/whatever and Mary have had very different upbringings despite what the article says. Besides, Kate appears to be a great deal more down to earth and natural than "our Mary" who always appears to have her nose stuck in the air, in an effort to appear regal and elegant.

  4. ME05:47pm Monday 22nd August 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Oh dear I hate to see what happens if the Princess Mary/Kate story is true. So far Kate has been charming & mostly well dressed, if she followes Mary's advice she'l end up looking like a char women, showing her undies wearing no undies with flimsy outfits showing every thing she has. Wake up Kate walk your own walk you;ve too much class to take advice from a cheapo princess.


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