Brad Pitt forgot about Thanksgiving this year!

Brad Pitt forgot about Thanksgiving this year!

November 27, 2012, 10:42 amnewidea

The traditional US holiday slipped the star's mind...

Brad Pitt forgot about Thanksgiving this year!

Oops! Brad Pitt nearly forgot about Thanksgiving in London, while Angelina Jolie spent the holiday in Cambodia.

The Killing Them Softly actor, 48, was busy filming his zombie flick World War Z on the American holiday.

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He told People magazine: "I didn't know it was Thanksgiving until like midday. Until [the] afternoon."

Pitt is London working on his film, while fiancee Angelina Jolie is spending time in Cambodia for humanitarian work with the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation

Brad Pitt with the cast of Killing Them Softly at the premiere of the film this year. Source: Getty

The actor explained: "It completely escaped me until someone brought me some English pumpkin pie."

Though Pitt forgot about Thanksgiving, the Southampton General Hospital was thankful for a generous donation from the actor.

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Pitt emptied out the contents of his wallet to give $1,100 for a fundraiser collecting money for the hospital's neonatal unite, where his friend's son, Zachary Gallagher, spent nine weeks after being born.

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Zachary's mother Karley Gallagher told People:

"The silver lining is that Zachary is home and alive... To have Brad assist us is more than we could ever have wished for."

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