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Associate Professor Jonathan Phillips exclusively tells New Idea, Schapelle - who has already had two suicide attempts in prison - will not survive to see the end of her 20-year sentence unless she is removed from Bali's Kerobokan jail as a matter of urgency.

The Corby family arranged Dr Phillips visit to Bali with the assistance of Sane Australia and backing from New Idea. He thought he knew what to expect in Denpasar, but frankly admits that the reality shook his preconceptions.

'I really fear for her. I know from experience that her illness will not get any better in the current situation, and will probably worsen with the risk of a calamity. Whether she's innocent or guilty, her needs are medical.'

Dr Phillips says Schapelle should be transferred as a prisoner to Australia and be treated in a secure hospital setting.

Dr Phillips is certain her current state will only continue to decline. 'It's accepted practice almost everywhere these days to treat prisoners with mental illnesses in a hospital setting. Nothing short of this will do Schapelle any good.'

'How different her situation would be in Australia. We must never forget that Schapelle is an Australian citizen, and we would hope that she would get the same treatment as an Australian citizen in any other setting.'

'She has no hope; her treatment is inadequate and cannot work in the current environment. She is condemned to a private hell which is hard to contemplate and will probably end in death.'

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