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Geoffrey and Brynne back in 2013. Source: Getty Images
Geoffrey and Brynne back in 2013. Source: Getty Images

The bitter war of words between Brynne Edelsten and her ex-husband Geoffrey Edelsten continues with the blonde star revealing more details of their troubled marriage.

Speaking with the 2dayFM breakfast show, the 31-year-old revealed the tough decision she made to put her dreams of becoming a mother on hold towards the end of their marriage.

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"Before Geoff and I separated, we were actually looking to do IVF, we were ready to go," she explained.

"The thing is, I knew things weren’t right in my marriage and I couldn’t bring a child into the world knowing I was in a loving relationship.

"It wouldn’t be fair to the child and it wouldn’t be fair to me or Geoff. Quite frankly, I didn’t want that tie to Geoff for the rest of my life. I knew it was over and I wanted out."

Brynne has made no secret of her desire to have children, speaking openly during her 2012 reality show, 'My Bedazzled Life, she spoke about her desperation to be a mother.

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“This is the year I want to get pregnant,’’ she said. “I want a baby so bad.’

The single star also addressed the 71-year-old's claims that she is obsessed with money.

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“It is hurtful and disappointing that someone you love would say things like that. I always thought Geoff was supportive of my career and he always encouraged me to go for things and I don’t know why it’s different now.”

It’s a bit crazy, you think they would be focussing on their new found love and relationship… and for some reason they are just focussing on me and I don’t, I don’t understand why.”

Brynne is keeping herself busy through all the drama with her mum, Mariel Gordon in town to visit, "so happy to have my family visiting #love #family #happy #bestoftheday" she wrote alongside this snap. Source: Instagram

Brynne is adamant she's happy for her ex, who is now dating 24-year-old DJ Gabi Grecko, and says she is moving on herself, "I’m dating different people and stuff... I’ve never really been single and I’m trying to enjoy that right now.”

Moving on also includes cutting all ties with her past, including the name that made her famous, "I’ve actually never legally changed my name, it’s always been Gordon. I’ve always gone by Edelsten, and with my career and stuff, I’ll change it when I’m ready.”

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But one thing is clear, Brynne wont be leaving Australia any time soon, posting this message to her Aussie fans, thanking them for their support.

"I moved to Australia because I fell in love with an Australian. I'm staying in Australia because I fell in love with Australia! Thank you to everyone for the uplifting messages! Your support means a lot to me! You are amazing! I Love Australia!! #love #australia #home #happy #thankyou #friends."

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