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Kirstie Alley makes a controversial return to Jenny Craig. Source: Getty
Kirstie Alley makes a controversial return to Jenny Craig. Source: Getty

Kristie Alley has announced her return to Jenny Craig, admitting she gained 30 pounds since parting ways with the company seven years ago, however how she described her return has some critics outraged.

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The 63-year-old told People magazine, "I was good for a while and then I wasn't good, and the weight crept up."

"Like I say in the ad, I'm not circus fat. I didn't hugely screw up. I didn't gain 75. I gained 30", she added.

Jenny Craig CEO Monty Sharma released a statement and said, "We welcomed her with open arms.

"We hope that having Kristie return as our ambassador will provide continued encouragement to our members who have also struggled with their own weight and are looking for a program that works."

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Kirstie initially joined the weight loss company in 2004 and lost a total of 75 pounds on the program and while she maintained her 145-pound figure for several years, once she left in 2007, the weight slowly crept back on.

She admits she is excited to get back because the 'food is so yummy' she says, but aside from loving the delicious food, the actress also reveals she likes having a consultant,"I want my personal consultant Laura back!".

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"It's like being an athlete. No athlete is going to do well without having a coach. We have to equate that to life. Without a coach helping us along the way, I don't think someone can make it for the long haul", she explained.

"I need to get myself to where I feel cocky again."

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