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Andrea Black steps behind the velvet rope for the inside line on where to go star-spotting in Los Angeles

Patrick Giorgi visits Belfast for the 100th anniversary of the sailing of the Titanic.

Whether you and the family want to pat dolphins, eat with the koalas, meet a baby dingo, ride a horse or feed a lorikeet, there's a vast array of budget-friendly animal adventures to enjoy right across our great country.

Sport sits alongside our capacity to imagine, our ability to speak and our nimble thumbs in the things that make us human.

Pack your swimmers, sunscreen, hat and, for the adventurous, some hiking boots - we've found the best islands to explore. All you need is your ticket to paradise. So if you feel you need to thaw out, follow the sun... it's just a tropical island-hop away.

California isn't all about Hollywood celebrities and Disneyland - there's also an array of adventure to be had on the slopes of Lake Tahoe, the waves of Santa Cruz or the calmer waters of Half Moon Bay.

A surge of excitement grips the boat's passengers; a crocodile has been spotted! We all rush to one side to get a closer look, and the boat precariously tilts to one side, threatening to tip us into the Yellow Water Billabong, right on top of a rather large saltwater crocodile!