5 ways to make money with pets

5 ways to make money with pets

April 26, 2012, 4:11 pmnewidea

Get more than just good company from your furry friends!

5 ways to make money with pets

Calling all animal lovers!

According to vet Dr Rob Zammit, it doesn't matter if you're a cat person, dog person, bird person or fish person - animal lovers of all breeds can use their love of pets to not only enrich their lives, but also their savings!

Here are his five top tips:

1. Fish tank maintenance

Fish have been greatly under-rated as pets but they require work to set up and maintain. Learning the art of fish tank maintenance and offering this service can lead to a reasonable income stream.

Build up enough of an enterprise and you might access an account with a wholesaler, earning you more income when you sell fish, equipment, food and the hundreds of knick-knacks that invariably are needed to keep a tank looking pristine!

2. Dog walking

Dog walking has become popular of late but you must check the rules in your state regarding how many dogs you can walk at one time.

My friend Cesar Millan used to walk 20 dogs at a time before the authorities told him it wasn’t legal, so he went into training! Dog walking can also be combined with pet feeding, and is especially helpful for people who want to leave a pet in their own backyard when they go on holidays.

3. Pet-sitting

One method of self-employment is house-pet sitting, as the best place for an animal to be when its owners are away on holidays is at home. But becoming a house-pet sitter can only happen if people have your trust.

Start with people you know, offering to look after their pet while staying at their home. Considering a good cattery will charge around $30 per day, your daily rate could be around $35 plus, more if there are many animals involved. Just make sure you know what veterinary surgery to rush to in cases of emergency.

4. Dog Training

Dog training is a big favourite among people wanting to develop a business in the canine world.

It will take time and study of dog behaviour, but there is a market waiting to be tapped. You’ll need to learn many techniques as there is more than one method to train a dog and each dog is an individual. You’ll also have to teach people! They need to know how to apply what you have taught.

5. Pet grooming

Mobile grooming services have increased greatly in the past decade and can be lucrative. To correctly manage it, do some volunteer work with a groomer and learn how to correctly groom a dog.

Each breed has its certain peculiarities and traits that you will need to understand. Courses in grooming are available, so talk to a vet or local pet shop and source a good grooming course in your area.

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  1. Rod B03:48pm Saturday 13th July 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Don't be surprised. We have been making some beer money from our dog walking services for four years and it's getting to the point where we can't take on many more customers. Just need to love dogs and have been a responsible owner for a few years - have a van - be reliable, motivated and insured for Public Liability just in case. Oh and did I mention work in all weather.

  2. Joe04:21pm Friday 27th April 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    reply to sunshine you can make money using your own pets . start breeding

  3. Sunshine12:20am Sunday 26th February 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    OMG. What a ripp off of an article. I thought my stoopid mutts were going to make me money. Silly me, thinking the headline would have relevance to the article. It seems this is about making money from other peoples pets..... I want mine to make me money!!!

  4. Jane Doe04:30pm Saturday 25th February 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    ric. it serves you right for reading the 'lifestyles' section, you fool. ... don't ask what I'm doing here. I'm just as embarrassed as you.

  5. ric m01:09pm Saturday 25th February 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    HERE we go again.12 years with yahoo and i am about to change

  6. ric m01:08pm Saturday 25th February 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Why does yahoo only have comments for unimportant thing


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