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Whether she's on the red carpet, in a recording studio or just hanging out in New York, Jennifer Lopez always looks radiant thanks to her healthy skin and some great make-up.

To copy her look, you need maximum coverage. Not a blemish, not a freckle - only picture-perfect skin.

After moisturising, apply concealer with a brush to the inner corners of the eyes and underneath to cover dark circles. Liquid foundation should also be applied with a brush to all areas of the skin that need evening out and blended with concealer.

Now you have a good base you can apply colours matching your natural skin tone to the eyes and cheeks. Once you've applied blush, use a large powder brush to set makeup. You don't want to see the powder, however, so use very little, tapping the brush several times before touching it to your face.

Perfectly groomed brows are essential to pulling off Lopez's look so pluck any strays and pencil in any spots.
False eyelashes are a great way to add a little glamour.

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