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Kate Winslet's smile, natural glow and real-woman curves are always a breath of fresh air on the red carpet as are her English-rose skin and classic make-up looks.

The British-born actress' trademark look relies heavily on her big eyes and full lips which are always a feature of her look.

To copy Kate's class begin with the eyes which should be well-defined by a liquid liner along the upper lash line.

Use a translucent eye shadow to add colour and then use a black eye shadow to go over the line above your lashes to set it. Curl your lashes and apply several coats of mascara to the upper lashes and one coat to the lower lashes.

To copy Kate's rosy cheeks, New York make up artist Deborah Grayson advises to dot a rouge gel stick on cheekbones and blend in light, smooth strokes, using your fingers or a sponge.

Lastly, use a lip pencil inside the lines of the lips and top with a burgundy or ruby-toned lip gloss for instant Hollywood-glamour.

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