New Idea Exclusive: Bring Schapelle Home Or She'll Die

September 8, 2009, 1:10 pmnewidea

Imprisoned in her own private hell, Schapelle Corby is now completely insane, according to a leading Australian phychiatrist who examined her only days ago.


Associate Professor Jonathan Phillips exclusively tells New Idea, Schapelle - who has already had two suicide attempts in prison - will not survive to see the end of her 20-year sentence unless she is removed from Bali's Kerobokan jail as a matter of urgency.

The Corby family arranged Dr Phillips visit to Bali with the assistance of Sane Australia and backing from New Idea. He thought he knew what to expect in Denpasar, but frankly admits that the reality shook his preconceptions.

'I really fear for her. I know from experience that her illness will not get any better in the current situation, and will probably worsen with the risk of a calamity. Whether she's innocent or guilty, her needs are medical.'

Dr Phillips says Schapelle should be transferred as a prisoner to Australia and be treated in a secure hospital setting.

Dr Phillips is certain her current state will only continue to decline. 'It's accepted practice almost everywhere these days to treat prisoners with mental illnesses in a hospital setting. Nothing short of this will do Schapelle any good.'

'How different her situation would be in Australia. We must never forget that Schapelle is an Australian citizen, and we would hope that she would get the same treatment as an Australian citizen in any other setting.'

'She has no hope; her treatment is inadequate and cannot work in the current environment. She is condemned to a private hell which is hard to contemplate and will probably end in death.'

Send New Idea your letters of support for Schapelle. We guarantee to pass them on to the Prime Minister's office and the Queensland Premier Anna Bligh. Email or write to us at New Idea, Private Bag 9960, North Sydney NSW 2059.

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  1. Dianne J09:05pm Wednesday 07th July 2010 ESTReport Abuse

    Schapelle is not lying! I'm sure anyone who spends time in those gaols would end up like that. Bring Schapelle home PLEASE!

  2. Dianne J08:45pm Wednesday 07th July 2010 ESTReport Abuse

    To the people who think Schapelle is lying - well you take her place and see if you don't go insane! How shallow are these people, have you even read about Schapelle or seen any movies?? Open your eyes and ears why don't you? Have a heart.

  3. Heather D03:18pm Tuesday 06th July 2010 ESTReport Abuse

    Deserves everythings she gets. Definitely no sympathy for this person at all, she is a real con artist.

  4. Gaye R11:33am Tuesday 06th July 2010 ESTReport Abuse

    I have no simpathy for her ..Let her rot on hell ..She has not gone mad that is only for the camreas every one can put an act on and to pull faces to say they are mad ..And that so call Dr was sucked in by her If they bring her back .You will see a change in her not long after I always have thought she was guilty and still do ans I said before let her rot in hell ..

  5. 09:12am Tuesday 06th July 2010 ESTReport Abuse

    I have believed in Schapelle's innocence right from the beginning. She and her family trusted in a justice system which is corrupt from A to Z. Her only crime is that she was naive enough to believe that if you are innocent you will be proven to be. I have tried to help by speaking out to anyone who will listen but this is not helping to bring her home. Please, some of you out there, can't you take on her case as one human being to another....never mind the cost. Bring her home.

  6. molley08:11pm Monday 05th July 2010 ESTReport Abuse

    i have always believed in corbys innocence, there are many people here in australia who smoke the weed that she got caught with [supposedly caught with]bali is so corrupt i would advise strongly to young and old people not to go over there for a holiday, i have been there and seen this corruption first hand it is not a good party place like some people believe, if you go please be aware of where you are do not drink do not take weed with you , you will get caught because they like to bring the gov of top countries to there knees by using the people from these countries and they ask for humongous bribes that cant or wont be paid for by govs

  7. 10:11am Wednesday 07th April 2010 ESTReport Abuse

    What the article has left out - wisely, probably , but I'll add it here - is that Professor Phillips is one of the most respected figures on his field. I've been following this case from afar, here in Brazil, and it breaks my heart that Indonesian and Australian authorities apparently are unmoved by Schapelle's situation. I'm raising awareness as I can around here, and hopefully we'll get to put some international pressure into both governments to put an end to this inhumane situation - but not the end they seem to be cinically waiting for.

  8. Kim02:13am Tuesday 09th February 2010 ESTReport Abuse

    Answer the questions about Schapelle please Kevin Rudd

  9. Diane10:40pm Sunday 17th January 2010 ESTReport Abuse

    I went to Bali some 7 weeks back to visit Schapelle in Kerobokan jail and all I can say is Dr. Phillips report is 100% correct. From what I witnessed there has to be immediate action taken to save Schapelle, or it will be too late. Schapelle is in such a terrible terrible state. There just isn't time for a PTA. She just won't last that long or anything like it. It really was so distressing. Heartbreaking. As a mother it was hard for me to leave Schapelle there "I can not imagine who hard it must be for her mother". My traveling companions visited Schapelle in Kerobokan Jail just 8 months earlier and they noticed a MASSIVE deterioration in her condition. This is what we reported back. When she wasn't staring into space and rocking from side to side, or looking around intently seeing cameras everywhere and goodness knows what other demons, she was making frequent references to suicide and death. From time to time the Schapelle we remember would resurface from the depths, but this occurred infrequently. From other comments she made, and in particular, references to her Dad, we have no doubt that Dr. Phillip's assessment of Schapelle is 100% correct. Schapelle now thinks she is ugly and this could very well be attributed to the November 9th article which shows a photo time-line of her from 2004 to 2008, using very uncomplimentary photos. In truth, Schapelle is still beautiful, although her ongoing nightmare experience is taking its toll. The people who produce these articles need to show far more sensitivity in future, bearing in mind that if the articles are about Schapelle she is more than likely going to see them. We bought Schapelle some lovely new dresses to try and lift her spirits and make her feel beautiful again. Schapelle also thinks she is stupid, but this is more than likely the result of being called "Stupid Head" by other prisoners. On our last visit with Schapelle, we went in with gifts, yet they appeared to give her no joy whatsoever. When we left the prison and were being driven back to our hotel in a cab, we cried and vented our anger at the lack of diplomacy forth coming for the Australian Government. Schapelle is Innocent and what has happened, and continues to happen to her and her family is, without doubt, one of the greatest travesties of justice in Australia's history. To all those who read this post, we beg you to show compassion for her. Regardless of your opinion on her Innocence or Guilt, she has suffered enough, in fact 100 x enough, and she has absolutely got to come home on humanitarian grounds, RIGHT NOW . If not, Australians will soon read in their newspapers of her death. They Government have Dr Phillip's report, they know how Schapelle is, yet they appear to have no sense of the urgency of the situation. Schapelle will not come home on a PTA, she will be dead long before one is finalised. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP BRING HER HOME NOW!!! She has suffered enough. The Innocent Should Not Be Punished. I would like to personally thank New Idea magazine for having the tenacity to continue publishing the truth about Schapelle's living nightmare.

  10. Kim12:52am Saturday 16th January 2010 ESTReport Abuse

    It's to bring Schapelle home NOW


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