New Idea Bachelor Exclusive: Blake and Louise come out of hiding!

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It’s the question on everyone’s lips.

Where is The Bachelor’s two-faced Romeo Blake Garvey and his new blonde love Louise Pillidge?

New Idea has found them!

After exclusively revealing on October 10 that they are together, New Idea can confirm the Lothario has fled the intense spotlight in Australia to be with his true love, Bachelorette second runner-up, Louise, at a luxury resort in Thailand.

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The loved-up duo smiled, hugged and kissed as they relaxed in their five-star villa.

However, when it came time to tour the island, Blake donned a Rastafarian-style hat to try and remain incognito, while Louise wore oversized sunglasses.

A guest at the luxury hotel, where the duo are staying for eight days, told New Idea that Blake used his disguise whenever he was outside, and acted coy when the guest recognised him exiting a car.

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And it’s in this romantic and secluded location that the two are planning their future together – and that definitely involves babies – with Blake, 31, admitting to an Australian weekly magazine how important starting a family is to him.

The pair have revealed how their relationship developed after the show, with Blake presenting the 26-year-old with a five-page love letter - which he gave to her via her father - in which he admitted he had made a mistake letting her go.

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Blake's jilted ex, Sam Frost, has since spoken out about news of the pair's relationship, admitting she is hurt that the couple chose to let her find out about it online.

"As you can imagine, it's heartbreaking,' Sam told the Daily Mail of finding out the news on Twitter.

"I had a feeling that this was going to happen... but you would think that they'd have the respect to tell me personally. There's all the media hype and they've sold their story. I feel like it's quite disrespectful."

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