Why you should never use a towel to dry your face

Allison Yee
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Is there anything better than the smell of a freshly washed towel as you dry off before your pre-bed beauty routine?

Well, experts now warn that toweling off your face after washing could be undoing all the hard grooming work you’re doing.

Don’t be tempted to completely dry your face with your towel after a wash. Photo: Getty

According to Beauticate, while it might go against your normal post-shower routine, keeping your skin damp will actually help your precious products work a whole lot better.

As Aussie beauty expert Jocelyn Petroni explains, skin care products will do their job regardless of the state of your skin, but anyone who’s invested in exy products will want to maximise its impact.

Apply your products to damp skin for ultimate effectiveness, say experts. Photo: Getty

“The benefit of applying products to damp skin means you can apply products more quickly and you can also see better skin results,” she told Beauticate.

Not only that, but germaphobes will be horrified to learn that there are hordes of germs that reside in your towel, and the less contact with your face, the better.

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Forget the idea that your towel dries you off when you’re clean, so it stays clean (makes sense, right?).

Instead, experts say anything that gets damp will naturally see bacteria grow, let alone anything that is then kept in a humid environment, like a steamy bathroom.

“There are always germs on us, that’s for sure,” Marilyn C. Roberts, a professor of environmental and occupational health sciences at the University of Washington School of Public Health told Yahoo Beauty.

“And there are absolutely bacteria on a wet towel immediately after drying off.”

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