'I never get tired of talking about it'

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Former Leicester City striker Steve Claridge has been reflecting on the iconic play-off final goal he scored for the Foxes in 1996.

"It pushes the hairs on the back of your neck," Claridge told the When You're Smiling Podcast. " I get the same feeling every time, the feeling is one of exaltation at the time and relief afterwards.

"I feel very lucky that looking back to experience something like that in your life, because that's not normal. There are very few people who have experienced something like that in their lifetime so I consider myself very lucky to be one of those people.

"When I see the goal, as it hits the back of the net, the fans will jump up early, but there was this delayed reaction and no one reacted as the ball hit the back of the net, there was a half a second delay and then you saw everyone going crazy, it was just brilliant.

"I think people thought ‘Oh Claridge has hit one from 10 yards, there’s no way that will even reach the net, much as go into the net!’

"I don’t think anyone could quite believe it really, it was absolutely wonderful.

"Two and a half hours later when I left Wembley, I walked out the stadium and all I could hear was ‘Super Stevey Claridge’ reverberating around the stadium. I was old enough to take it all in, and it’s still very vivid.

"That’s one of the good things about being a footballer, that you can bring joy and happiness and a smile on peoples faces. I never get tired of talking about it."

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