Never Eat A Messy Sandwich Again With This Foolproof Layering Trick

Stacked sandwich
Stacked sandwich - Nickylloyd/Getty Images

It can be emotionally devastating to craft a sandwich with layer after layer of tantalizing flavors and fulfilling textures only to have all that good stuff gush out the back on that first bite. All of your hopes and dreams fall apart before you even get a chance to taste them. Then, you are left with a mess smeared across your face, dripping from your fingers, and piled on your plate. Let's be honest. No one wants to eat a sandwich with a fork. But how do you make a sandwich that is mess-proof? Is it even possible?

There is one easy trick that can help you construct a sandwich that won't slide apart before it makes it to your mouth. All you have to do is put a little thought into the layering. The trick is to separate the slippery ingredients by using grippy foods. For example, mayonnaise on a slice of tomato will be troublesome. However, if you slip some bacon between (not the greasy variety, but the dry and crispy kind), the friction can help hold your masterpiece together while you chomp.

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Other Strategies To Make A Mess-Proof Sandwich

Woman with messy sandwich
Woman with messy sandwich - Nicoleta Ionescu/Shutterstock

As effective as strategic stacking can be, it's not the only solution to your sloppy sandwich situation. There are several ways you can cease the sliding. Unfortunately, one of the best ways to make a mess-proof sandwich is also the hardest: Don't overstuff. You want to get more in every mouthful, but unless you can unhinge your jaw, there's a limit to how thick a sandwich can be. And that limit is how wide you can open up.

Another consideration is the bread. The harder your bread is, the less it will yield to the ingredients. This means you will need to squeeze more. Otherwise, everything will fall out when you pick your sandwich up. The problem is that the harder you squeeze, the more you are encouraging your ingredients to flee. Choose bread that helps, not hinders.

A third consideration is the amount of sauce. Have you ever noticed that it's easier to clean with a moist towelette than a dry one? A little moisture enhances grip. Similarly, the right amount of sauce can help keep things together, especially crumbly things like grated parmesan cheese. However, too much, and you have a drippy mess. Be aware of how much sauce you are adding. This trick also covers water and grease. Make sure you pat your fresh veggies and greasy burgers dry so they don't become part of the problem.

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