Netflix's new series slammed for ‘destructive’ fat-shaming

Netflix has been making headlines since releasing the trailer of its latest original series, Insatiable, set to air August 10.

But the show’s controversial narrative surrounding fat-shaming and weight loss has been labelled destructive by people all over the internet. Now, renowned plus-size model Candice Huffine is taking part in the conversation.

She appeared on the BUILD stage to point out how dangerous this portrayal of women’s bodies is and why it needs to change.

“What we need to look forward to as well, or push to change, is the representation of the curvy woman,” Huffine said, appearing with fashion icons Patrick Herning and Christian Siriano to discuss the size-inclusive retailer 11 Honoré.

Huffine said the brand is proof that the curvy woman is “a chic woman who loves fashion, who’s confident.” She added, “I think constantly, even though we drive that home on a regular basis, somebody out there, bigger, with more power, is not listening.”

For once, it seems that the fashion industry isn’t the main offender. Instead, it’s Netflix, for constructing what many are considering a dangerous plot line about a girl who is nicknamed “Fatty Patty” in high school but then loses weight and seeks revenge on those who wronged her.

Huffine goes on to say that the show illustrates the wrong idea about a woman’s body and how it can affect her life, calling the plot “ludicrous.”

“We have got to stop being portrayed like that,” Huffine said. “Every story line can’t be about a girl trying to change her body so that her life can start.”

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