Netflix's Love Is Blind season 5 trailer hints at big twist

uche okoroha in love is blind season 5
Love Is Blind season 5 teases a big twistNetflix

Love Is Blind season 5 is almost upon us, and there could be an early exit for one contestant.

The potential twist pops up in the show's brand-new trailer, with lawyer and entrepreneur Uche seen looking rather downbeat and shaking his head as a fellow contestant exits the scene.

"When you love somebody, you don't just leave without telling them anything," he says, although it's not clear what happens next.

uche okoroha in love is blind season 5

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Later on, Uche says: "She planned for us to both be here because she couldn't let me go."

Elsewhere in the footage, someone describes some of the female contestants as "getting territorial" and one guy even lets out a burp in front of his potential partner and the cameras.

"My past sounds like 8,000 walking red flags," laughs Johnie, while Lydia reflects in her sparkling wedding dress: "The past, I think, holds too much, but I think that I am the right amount of me..."

The two-week countdown is on.

renee in love is blind season 5

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Meanwhile, across the pond, it was recently announced that the very first UK series of Love Is Blind would be presented by Emma and Matt Willis.

"I love to play matchmaker with my friends and love LOVE, so I am excited to be co-hosting the first-ever UK version of Love Is Blind," said Emma in a statement, highlighting how fans will be seeing "double Willis" on their screens next year.

Busted's Matt added: "It's been such a dream working together and fascinating to watch the process unfold. Experiencing this new project side by side has been really amazing, and I can't wait for people to come on this journey with us."

Love Is Blind season 5 premieres Friday, September 22 on Netflix.

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