NeoNutritions Supplements Rising With Model Fans and Zoe Ghertner Images

NeoNutritions is gathering momentum on both coasts with its high vibrational powdered nutritional supplements and gorgeous brand imagery.

Paloma Elsesser uses them as part of her fashion month wellness routine; Gabriela Hearst had them backstage before her fall 2024 runway show in New York, and Lykke Li hosted the kickoff dinner for them in L.A.

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The brand is led by artist and wellness practitioner Fee Steinvorth, renowned fashion photographer Zoe Ghertner (who shoots campaigns for Miu Miu, covers for ID and much more in her naturalistic style), and communication specialist Eva Thies.

The supplements are packaged as sachets, not capsules, and come in beautifully designed boxes in pleasingly calm colors. Launched late last year, NeoNutritions currently has two products, both certified organic, vegan and gluten free.

NeoNutritions The Ultimate Foundation.
NeoNutritions Ultimate Foundation

Ultimate Foundation ($58 for 10 sachets) is a daily supplement to lower inflammation and detoxify, improve gut health and digestion, boost immunity and energy levels. It’s packed with high frequency foods including seeds, greens, fruits, algae, adaptogens and restorative roots.

Ultimate Beauty Radiant Renewal ($38 for 12 sachets) booster is formulated to hydrate skin, improve skin elasticity, sleep and boost energy, while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, inflammation, redness and acne. It’s formulated with sea buckthorn, dandelion, birch, horsetail and manjistha.

“The boosters are all about that sparkle, that instant hit, they really do something to the senses. The experience of consuming it is a big part of who we are,” said Ghertner, who is responsible for the brand’s arresting campaign images.

NeoNutritions campaign image.
NeoNutritions campaign image.

The products took four years to develop in the U.S., based on a philosophy that’s rooted in Ayurveda, Anthroposophy and Chinese medicine, said Steinvorth.

“The last 20 years, I dedicated myself to spiritual studies, herbalism, Ayurveda….It’s all coming back to foods, to prana, to life force, to chi,” she said. “That’s when I had the conclusion, we have to start with the body and foods. What does a doctor do if you get heart disease, changes your diet. To achieve goals as an athlete, it’s diet. Food is the access to transformation.

“We wanted to make it easy and invite everyone, that’s why we do sachets, you can take them anywhere you go,” said Ghertner, who met Steinvorth through their young sons, who go to school together. “The Ultimate Foundation has 52 ingredients from the most high vibrational foods that store the most sunlight and have the most energy. It’s a burst of energy. It’s a daily practice you can put in a smoothie, a matcha, on ice, however. I love it with coconut milk.”

As the brand expands, it will introduce more boosters, each reflecting the ingredients in the color of the packaging, they said.

“You can understand who we are by the pictures we’ve made…and the color, eventually you will see blue, purple, yellow and ultraviolet boosters and you will intuitively know what you need from the color,” said Ghertner. “I need fiery energy for a meeting or I need sex, that will be the point of all of it. Through art and color we want to help people understand what they need intuitively.”

From fermented foods to probiotics to gut-friendly gummies, the gut health business is booming, and NeoNutritions is hoping to ride the wave. Why now?

Eva Thies, Fee Steinvorth and Zoe Ghertner.
Eva Thies, Fee Steinvorth and Zoe Ghertner.

“We’re on the peak of cancer and mental illnesses because we’re not connected, our food is not as nutritional as it used to be, our soil is depleted. Even if we go to the supermarket and eat organic food, it’s not like 100 years ago, our soil has less nutrients than it used to and everything is artificial sugar,” said Steinvorth. “People take supplements because they know food doesn’t give us enough anymore, the problem is 10 percent are organic, and 90 percent are not organic and if vitamins are synthetic, they are causing micro inflammation in the gut. So instead of elevating you, it’s the opposite. There needs to be education about supplements because they can do a lot, but they can do a lot that’s bad.”

NeoNutritions is available direct-to-consumer, and the partners just signed a wholesale deal with Niche Beauty for distribution in 100 countries.

They hosted their first event in L.A. in early June, and are planning one for Paris in September to coincide with the women’s ready-to-wear shows.

“The way of expanding on this is to build community through workshops and events so we’re so much more than just words and pictures on Instagram,” said Ghertner. “We want to connect and educate, learn and receive.”