Neighbours star Tim Phillipps responds to Daniel Robinson's surprise return

Major Neighbours spoilers follow from the show's return episode, which is available to stream now on Amazon Freevee. Readers who haven't seen the episode yet may prefer to avoid these storyline details.

Neighbours star Tim Phillipps has responded to his return to the show with an amusing Instagram post.

The actor was one of four surprise stars who appeared in the show's reboot episode earlier this week, the star reprising his role as Daniel Robinson amid Toadie Rebecchi's wedding to Terese Willis.

Sharing a clip on Instagram of himself watching his return on TV, Tim then says: "Yeah, so that's me on TV, kids…," before realising his children aren't watching as he pans to his two young sons in another room occupied by another screen.

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Writing in the comments, the actor said: "When @neighbours gave me the call up to pop back to the show for a few eps, I couldn’t have been more honoured and excited. It was such a privilege to step back into those familiar and comfortable shoes!

"And now to share that moment with my two boys was truly unforgettable…for me anyway! What a joy to work with @stefandennis7 & @arielerinkaplan once again! So much for you guys."

Also returning alongside Tim was Ariel Kaplan as Daniel's wife Imogen Willis, who wrote in the comments: "HAHAHHAHA Timmy, gotta educate those little ones. They clearly don’t know Oscar winning performances when they see them. Adore you and truly a highlight of my year being back on set with you!"

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Also back in the fold alongside Tim and Ariel were Lesley Baker as Angie Rebecchi and Morgan Baker as Callum Rebecchi.

Speaking recently about the wedding twist in the new series, Neighbours' executive producer Jason Herbison said: "I looked at the cast and the characters and it really occurred to me that we had two characters who have been on the show for a very long time that the audience are very invested in, but they've never actually looked twice at each other, and wouldn't it be incredible if those two people had found unexpected love?

"So, we do begin the show with a wedding. We all love a wedding. The show began in 1985 with a wedding and it ended in 2022 with a wedding, so it felt really fitting that we'd come back with a wedding."

Neighbours releases new episodes from Mondays to Thursdays for free on Amazon Freevee in the UK and US. In Australia, the show airs from Mondays to Thursdays at 4.30pm on Channel 10, with a 6.30pm repeat screening on 10 Peach.

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