Neighbours' Matty Wilson reveals whether he'd go on Home and Away

Neighbours star Matty Wilson admits that he used to watch Home and Away as a child.

Video transcript

MATTY WILSON: Um, look, I grew up watching "Home and Away." Part of that routine-- doing homework in the afternoon, and "Home and Away" is on. But I don't think I would.

And I'll probably get shot for saying this, but I'm not a big fan of soap operas. (LAUGHING) Just the-- too much drama, I think. In one given day, you're crying, you're screaming, you've got so much going on. It's so dramatic. (LAUGHING)

I'm doing a few auditions that are suited to me. We're actually renovating the house. And then we're going to chuck it on Airbnb and move up to Queensland, and try and enjoy the heat, and do some auditioning up there, because there's quite a bit of work up there. So yeah, we'll keep going down that path and see where it takes us.

It's all very, very positive. It's funny. Jackie Woodburne, who plays Susan Kennedy-- she'll always write messages in there as if she's our mom and we're all her kids. And her and Alan Fletcher are mom and dad, and she'll give us updates of what mom and dad have been up to. (LAUGHING)

Yeah, it's very emotional. I'm the kind of person who feels the-- feels the pain a little bit later. And we were quite enjoying the moment.

But it was part of the routine, because it was such a big part of my life. From sunrise to sunset, you see the same people every single day. So they become family. And not seeing those family everyday really makes packs a punch.