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The Grinch Santa Suit Gift Bundle

I'm absolutely obsessed with this Grinch Santa Suit Gift Bundle ($45) that parents can snag exclusively online!

Build-A-Bear Is Bringing Back a Full-On Grinch Line, and Yep, Our Hearts Just Grew a Few Sizes

Sure, Santa is great and all, but does it get any better than snuggling up on the couch with the fam and queuing up How the Grinch Stole Christmas during the holiday season? Absolutely not! This year, Build-A-Bear is releasing their very own version of the notorious Christmas curmudgeon, and frankly, he's the cutest dang thing we've seen! While this adorable little plush made his original debut in stores back in 2018, Build-A-Bear is stocking up their shelves with Grinch-themed stuffed animals and accessories once again! Read through to get a look at the Grinch, our most favorite mean one of all time!


You Can Score a Christmas Vacation Cousin Eddie Build-A-Bear, and Quick! Someone Get Clark!