Natalie Portman's glass-like hair is so shiny we can see our own reflection

natalie portman glass hair
Natalie Portman nails the 'glass hair' trendAxelle/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

While the term 'hair goals' used to be thrown around whenever you had the 'It' hair colour or trendy cut, lately, it's all about your hair condition. The shinier, the better. As hair health has risen in popularity so has the sub-trend 'glass hair'; as you really can't achieve one without the other. The latest celeb to show off their hair health is Natalie Portman, whose strands are almost too shiny to look at.

The actress is known for her signature brunette shoulder-length locks, but how have we never noticed how perfectly perfect her hair is? Seriously, these strands look so glossy, they're almost liquidy in texture.

Having glass-like hair that's so reflective you need to put on a pair of sunnies to look in the mirror cannot be faked if your strands are as fried as a chicken nugget – facts. So, props to Nat for keeping her hair in tip-top condition. Seriously, give this lady an award to add to her other many awards.

She joins the likes of Jenna Ortega and Emilia Clarke, who have also been sporting the 'glass hair' trend recently. Ah, what we'd do to be part of that good hair club.

The mirror shine and waterfall waves were created by hairstylist Jacob Rozenberg, and were shown off at an event by the Spotlight Initiative and the United Nations, which discussed how to eliminate violence against women and girls.

As per usual, the Marvel star is not only looking good but doing good, too. At the same time, no less. Goals all-round.

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