Nash Edgerton and Scott Ryan on Mr Inbetween, real life hit-men and being mistaken for other celebrities

Nash edgerton and scott ryan on BUILD
Mr Inbetween director Nash Edgerton and writer and actor Scott Ryan on BUILD Studio Sydney. Photo: BUILD

Australian director Nash Edgerton is back with a second series if hitman comedy, Mr Inbetween, and joined writer and lead actor Scott Ryan, for a sit down chat in the BUILD Series Sydney studio.

The genius duo also worked with another VIP on season two, Nash’s setp daughter Chika Yasumura.

“To start with, it was quite terrifying,” Nash said of keeping it in the family, “It was the most scared I’ve been directing anyone because there were a number of layers”.

Meanwhile, Scott had his own difficulties to deal with, namely as the show’s reluctant lead star.

“It’s a very uncomfortable experience the whole thing,” he said, “I find it really uncomfortable.”

“I felt like I’m sucking the whole time I’m doing it. I don’t sit there and go geez I’m so good, I’m totally nailing this scene right now.”

Catch the rest of their chat with host Danny Clayton in the video above.

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