The name this former Bachelor star would have given her daughter

Olivia Morris
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Last week, Jacinda Gugliemino – who appeared on Sam Wood‘s season of The Bachelor – decided to open up about her heartbreaking miscarriage, after discovering her unborn daughter had a very rare chromosome defect.

Sharing a photo of herself with her partner Callum to Instagram, the former reality star revealed they had just found out they were having a baby girl, but also discovered she had a condition called trisomy 18.

Former Bachelor star Jacinda Gugliemino told Yahoo Lifestyle what she would have named her daughter. Source: Channel 10

The condition, also known as Edwards syndrome, is when a baby has an extra chromosome 18 which disrupts their development, and can be life-threatening, according to the Health Direct website.

After finding out about the devastating news at the end of last year, Jacinda told Yahoo Lifestyle about her decision to open up about her miscarriage, and what she would have named her baby girl.

“We called her Faith in the end, I just had to name her and it seemed like the right name to give – we loved her very much,” she said.

Jacinda also admitted she’s been “struggling mentally” with everything she’s gone through.

“I was really strong at the beginning but it seems to come in waves and in all honesty, I’m not coping,” she explained, which is why she decided to share her story online.

“I felt the need to express myself, to share it and get it out, and I knew trying to get through it on my own, just wasn’t working.”

She was initially “worried” about sharing, but admitted the process has been “cathartic” as so many people have shared their stories with her.

As for why she decided to share her heartbreak on social media, Jacinda revealed it was to shed light on how difficult going through a miscarriage can be.

“So many women and men don’t share their miscarriage stories with others, and tend to think they should just move on from it and start again,” she said. “That’s so hard on us to do that.

“Just because you don’t make full term doesn’t mean they weren’t real, that they didn’t exist, that you weren’t a parent.”

In her Instagram post, Jacinda admitted she “laughed” when she was told the news about her daughter’s condition because she was so shocked.

The pair had to decided whether to continue with the pregnancy, or terminate but their unborn baby girl “made the decision for us – her heart stopped beating”.

The following day, Jacinda had an operation to “remove her” and a week later the couple attended a wedding, which is where the photo was taken.

“We put on smiles and we really enjoyed the day, but the experience wasn’t far from our minds,” she wrote in the caption of the photo. “We already felt like parents. It was hard.

“To be honest… its still really hard.”

Jacinda appeared on The Bachelor in 2015, but was sent home by Sam in the sixth episode.

She started dating her current partner, Callum, towards the end of 2016.

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