Naked woman pranks change room staff

Kristine Tarbert

A woman has completely shocked shopping centre staff by wandering into a store's change rooms naked.

In the newest video by Jen The Body Painter, model Shokhzoda was decked out in what looked to be a pair of jeans and a pink polka dot top.

But really she was wearing nothing but body paint.

One of these women is wearing nothing but body paint. Photo: Instagram/Jenthebodypainter

Heading into a shopping centre disguised with a real black coat, she picks out some clothes to try on and heads into the change rooms.

Stripping down she then pops out and asks employees about her outfit.

The model asks for an opinion on her outfit. Photo: Instagram/Jenthebodypainter

While we are super convinced by the paint, these employees weren't so easy to fool.

They deal with clothes every single day and knew something was up straight away.

But these employees know clothes. Photo: Instagram/Jenthebodypainter

They were still blown away by how great the paint looked and were very happy to compliment the model on how great she looked.

Would you have been able to tell?

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