Naked glitter mums taking the internet by storm

Rebekah Scanlan
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A group of Aussie mums are spreading a sparkling message of body positivity, by sharing photos of themselves completely naked and covered from head to toe in glitter.

Friends, Bonnie, Penny and Roseanna from Brisbane, were fed up of feeling “self-conscious” about their lumps and bumps, and decided to give themselves a shimmery makeover as a way to celebrate all shapes and sizes.

The results were so breathtaking they captured the attention of women around the world, inspiring them to love their naked selves.

Three mums have found a unique way to celebrate their bodies, by covering them in glitter. Source: Jill Kerswill

For Bonnie, 29, the the idea of rubbing something beautiful on her skin is what initially appeared to her, after years of feeling self-conscious about her “large breasts, butt and thighs”. 

I have always been self conscious about my body,” Bonnie told Be. “I fluctuated a lot in weight through my 20’s and my bust was a 14HH.” 

“Before the first glitter shoot in 2016, the only person who had ever seen me naked in my adult life was my husband.”

However, after having her first baby in 2015 and witnessing her physique change again, Bonnie decided she wanted to change the way she looked at herself.

The images show women of a shapes and sizes embracing their body and celebrating themselves. Source: Jill Kerswill

“At the time of the shoot I had just finished breastfeeding my son. My body had changed again and I was so keen on the idea of rubbing glitter on my skin and enjoying its beauty,” she said. 

While initially getting naked in front of her gal pals caused her to feel anxious, she said slapping on the glitter gave her a huge confidence boost.

Hundreds of women have attended the glitter workshops that Positively Glittered co-creator Bonnie describes as  feeling like a “transformation”. Source: Jill Kerswill

“I realised when I stripped off and glittered up that nothing bad happened. All of my fears had melted away,” she said. “No one judged me for my post baby/breastfeeding body, no one said anything negative to anyone. All my fears were in my head.”

But it was afterwards where the magic really happened, as the women posted their photos online and were overwhelmed with the response.

“Looking at yourself and seeing the parts of your body which you would normally think negatively about transformed into glistening and shining works of art really helped my change my perception on myself,” Bonnie continued. “And it also really helped others too.”

The women flaunt their curves in a variety of Aussie locations. Source: Jill Kerswill

Now the women run body positive photoshoots all across Australia called Positively Glittered, where women of all shapes and sizes come to see themselves sparkle.

“Most participants start off a bit quiet and reserved,” she explained. “But once the glitter starts to go on and they catch a glimpse of themselves in the mirror, you see the transformations begin.”

“You see the confidence ooze out of them and their smiles say it all!”

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