Naked Attraction boss responds to US backlash

anna richardson naked attraction season 11
Naked Attraction boss responds to US backlashChannel 4

Naked Attraction has finally landed in the US and, unsurprisingly, it's left some viewers shocked.

The UK dating show, which sees a contestant try and find their perfect match from a group of fully naked hopefuls, has just dropped all seven seasons on streaming service Max.

Now, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Naked Attraction executive producer Darrell Olsen has addressed the backlash the show has received since it journeyed across the pond.

"What's happening in the States right now is [like how the UK reacted] seven or so years ago," he explained.

anna richardson naked attraction season 11
Channel 4

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"You have: 'I can't believe this is onscreen' — shock and outrage — mixed with: 'This is quite amazing.' The show isn't for everyone, but everyone is interested in it. I think what will happen with you guys is, hopefully, what happened over here, where the 'Oh my God, I can't believe this is on TV' turns into 'It's a pretty good show.' Also, the stories get better and we push more boundaries [in the latter seasons]."

Olsen also addressed if the show could get a US version if it takes off with American audiences.

"We tried to push an original U.S. series in the past." he said. "Now, who knows, on the back of this [success], it might happen. From my personal point of view, we'd be very excited by that prospect."

sarah, naked attraction
Channel 4

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If US viewers do stick Naked Attraction out for all seven of its seasons they're in for a treat as the show's latest season welcomes back a former contestant.

In a first for the show, contestant Sarah made a return after transitioning. Speaking about the experience, Sarah said: "I've done the show, Sarah has done the show, and David has done the show, and actually we really are quite different people. So although I am a returning picker, it's actually two different people doing it."

Naked Attraction airs on Channel 4 in the UK and Max in the US

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