N.Y.C. Influencer Turned Matchmaking Party for Twin Into Booming Empire to Help Adults Connect (Exclusive)

Hot and Social founder Liv Schreiber tells PEOPLE exclusively about how she got into the business of connecting people. "I feel like this is my purpose," she says

<p>Liv Schreiber </p> Hot and Social founder Liv Schreiber

Liv Schreiber

Hot and Social founder Liv Schreiber

In search of connection in a place as vast — and frankly, sometimes lonely — as New York City, influencer and businesswoman Liv Schreiber never anticipated the community she would go on to build with Hot and Social.

The business guarantees that of all event attendees in their 20s and 30s, "99% arrive SOLO, 100% leave as FRIENDS," per a tagline featured on the company's official Instagram page. It's something that has rang true for many of the success stories that have emerged from Hot and Social's array of exclusive yet inclusive events.

"We have a group of camp girls, girls from one bunk at Camp Social who travel the world together. One's from Chicago, one's from Arkansas, one's from Boston and one's from New York. So they're always visiting each other," Schreiber, 27, tells PEOPLE exclusively. "We have girls from London and South Africa who are best friends at Camp Social. We have two guys in a band who met at Hot and Social."

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Schreiber, admittedly, never set out to create the booming empire that she now helms. In fact, what's now known as Hot and Social was initially a party she threw to help out her twin brother — and herself.

"I am from New Jersey. I have no excuse to be lonely in New York, and I am super outgoing," she explains. "When I first moved here, I felt so lonely and I wanted to meet new people outside of who I knew from the Tri-State area from high school and college. But I didn't know how to do that, so I threw a party."

"It was originally called Hot and Single because my twin brother was single. I never intended for this to become anything. I was just helping my twin brother meet some girls," she continues, laughing. "To me, that's how the best things in life happen accidentally. You're just solving a need, and it's so organic and authentic and natural."

<p>Liv Schreiber </p> Liv Schreiber at Camp Social

Liv Schreiber

Liv Schreiber at Camp Social

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Knowing that she "had a lot of female followers" due to the influencer's growing popularity on social media, she also "wanted them to all meet," giving her more reason to keep up the momentum.

"I realized that connection is not just about dating and it's not about love — it's about friendship and everything starts with friendship," she explains. "So, I changed the name to Hot and Social, and the premise is that everyone comes solo. Ninety-nine percent arrive solo, and 100 percent leave as friends."

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Authenticity proved to shine through, as Schreiber notes the "demand" for attending one of her events has grown immensely. The outpouring of messages she's received from event goers sharing their appreciation has also increased.

"It means the world. They've written me cards," she shares. "It is so cool that they're able to touch each other's lives, but they don't know it touches my heart."

<p>Hot and Social/Instagram</p> Liv Schreiber is pictured alongside attendees at one of Hot and Social's pickleball events.

Hot and Social/Instagram

Liv Schreiber is pictured alongside attendees at one of Hot and Social's pickleball events.

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As for what's next for the Hot and Social brand, "We are so excited to be expanding to other cities before 2025. So this fall. Our pickleball league is sold out in New York," Schreiber says.

"We are expanding into tennis and pickleball and other cities," she continues. "And then, I'm hoping to announce a winter camp very soon."

Camp Social is also returning on August 23-25 to the Poconos in Pennsylvania. The weekend-long event — which will see the band partner with a charity called SCOPE, an organization focused on providing children from low-income households with the opportunity to attend overnight summer camp — will allow women from their 20s to 40s to enjoy a weekend of fun and activities.

"Camp Social has women flying in from five different countries in almost every state this summer. It is open for women in their 20s, so 21-plus to 40s," she shares. "I would say a large majority of our audience is in their late 20s, 30s range, but it's not about age. It's just about this mutual craving for fun and adventure and excitement to get off your phones, to try something new, to be sleeping in a bunk with women and by the lake and putting your phone down and experiencing camp again, but as an adult."

<p>Liv Schreiber </p> Liv Schreiber (right) is pictured at Hot and Social's Camp Social event.

Liv Schreiber

Liv Schreiber (right) is pictured at Hot and Social's Camp Social event.

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Using her platform, Schreiber has managed to create something that has helped so many people find connections with others, whether romantic or platonic. Doing so has ultimately also helped provide more meaning to her life.

"I feel like this is my purpose," she adds. "I feel so fulfilled and blessed, seriously."

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