Myer's Big Ticket Toy Sale: Our picks for the best Christmas ever

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Myer's Big Ticket Toy Sale
Myer's Big Ticket Toy Sale is here. : Myer

We don’t want to alarm you or anything, but there are less than ten weeks until Christmas. 

Ten weeks! 

Firstly, this year has felt like a fever dream extension of 2020, although we are beginning to see signs of hope that we may be able to spend Christmas with our families this year.

Save yourself the stress of late-night shopping on Christmas Eve and get all your Chrissie shopping early.


We couldn’t think of a better time than right now - Myer is doing their Big Ticket Toys Sale, starting today until the end of October. 

They’re slashing prices on the exact toys your little ones have been clambering over. The sale includes savings on Barbie, Nerf, Hot Wheels and other popular brands.

 Barbie Dreamhouse Playset from Myer
The ultimate dollhouse: nothing beats the Barbie Dreamhouse Playset with 10 rooms/outside play areas. Source: Myer

$199 $329.99 at Myer

Barbie Dreamhouse playset, $199

It’s the toy to end all toys. 

The Barbie Dreamhouse has been kicking around for yonks now, with the earliest version coming out in 1962. 

Of course, 2021’s version is insane: three floors, a slide, a pool, a lift that can fit a Barbie wheelchair, and over 75 accessories and furnishings. 

You can even choose one of three light settings: day, night and party! 

FAO Schwarz Tabletop Drum Mat from Myer
If you don't have space for a drum kit, this FAO Schwarz portable Drum Mat will allow you to still drum along with your favourite songs. Source: Myer

$69.99 $99.99 at Myer

FAO Schwarz, Tabletop Street Drum Mat $69.99

Have a muso in the family but don’t have the room for a full-blow drum kit? 

FAO Schwarz has a portable, tabletop version that has touch-sensitive pads to tap out a rhythm on.

FurReal Dazzlin' Dimples, My Playful Friend from Myer
Swimming, kissing, playing: Dimples does it all! Your favourite friend with flippers. Source: Myer

$99 $159.99 at Myer

FurReal Dazzlin’ Dimples My Playful Dolphin, $99.99

Save the trip to SeaWorld and get your little one the Dazzlin’ Dimples Playful Dolphin instead. 

Dimples has over 80 sounds and reactions, including batting a ball with her flippers, showing off her swimming skills, or reacting to your tummy tickle. 

She’ll even kiss you back! Dimples also has a nighttime mood where she plays soothing ocean sounds for your not-so-great sleeper.

Boy holding the Nerf Ultra Select.
Don't settle for less. The Nerf Ultra Select has the capacity to hold 20 darts, including long-distance Nerf Ultra darts. Source: Myer

$69.99 $99.99 at Myer

Nerf Ultra Select, $69.99

Not much is more classically Aussie than a Nerf battle around the pool. 

If you want your child to be the winner of the battle, make sure you get him the Nerf Ultra Select.

It has two ten-dart clips, including a clip for Nerf Ultra Darts that allows you to shoot up to 36 meters away.

The motorised blaster lets you quick-fire shoot, and you’re able to reload while you play.

Ty Beanie Boo Dangling Sloth from Myer
Cute as a button: this stuffed Sloth is your new favourite cuddly toy. Source: Myer

$45 $59.99 at Myer

Ty Beanie Boo Large Dangler Sloth, $45

We’ve all been feeling a bit sloth-like recently! Due to lockdowns and having to stay inside almost 24/7.

Embrace it by purchasing this Ty Beanie Sloth. 

It’s incredibly irresistible, with big sparkly eyes and soft fur. Bonus, use it as house decor by dangling it from your curtain or somewhere else.

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road Assorted from Myer
Bring Mario Kart from the screen to real life with this Hot Wheels spin on the final level. Source: Myer

$149 $199.99 at Myer

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road Assorted, $149

The ultimate video game crossover! If your kid loves Mario Kart, but you want to get an actual toy for their Chrissie present rather than a video game, this is your perfect solution! 

The 243cm track is built like the iconic final Rainbow Road race and comes with the Mario and King Boo characters. 

The track can be customised to be curvy or straight, so you can play this over and over while never getting bored.

Holiday OMG 2021 Collector NYE Queen Fashion Doll from Myer
Queen of glamour! No New Years Eve celebration is complete without this limited edition collector's doll. Source: Myer

$79.99 $99.99 at Myer

LOL Surprise Holiday OMG 2021 Collector NYE Queen Fashion Doll with Gold Fashions and Accessories, $79.99

Ring in the new year with style! 

This limited edition LOL doll is decked out in a beautiful glittery gold dress and a long fur jacket that we’d like the life-size version of immediately, please. 

The light-up moon stand only adds to the glamour that this doll is dripping in.

SchwarzFAO Schwarz Tabletop Easel LED 3in1
Unleash your inner artist with this unique LED easel. Source: Myer

$48.99 $69.99 at Myer

FAO Schwarz, Tabletop Easel LED 3in1 $48.99

If you have an artist to buy for, why not nurture their creative spirit with this LED Tabletop Easel. 

The 3-in-1 Easel has roll-down paper for traditional drawing, a chalkboard on one side, and a dry-erase board with LED backing to create exciting neon pictures.

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