My Kitchen Rules' Sonya opens up about scandal, sends heartfelt apology

Patrick Tadros

Sonya Mefaddi has had her share of struggles.

Sonya Mefaddi is standing up to her bullies.

This week, My Kitchen Rules jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire with an explosive episode that left contestants Sonya and Hadil excused from the competition.

Following the scandal, Sonya Mefaddi shared an emotional post on Instagram detailing the events that led to an outburst between her and Sydney sisters Jess and Emma.

"Growing up, I was bullied for my race & weight," Mefaddi writes. "One memory in particular which I'll never forget was having the contents of my school bag tipped into a bin because of my background. I remember feeling shocked and angry and also feeling so hurt. Fast forward to the 21st century and who would have thought of taking part in a cooking competition would bring back all those cruel, hurtful and extremely words online?"

She continues, "During my time filming I was called a dumb c--t and a ugly fat b--h. Those words really struck a chord with me and really hurt which clearly showed. It's been hard to apologise for that reason. Did I handle that moment the best? No. Those words I said were out of line and don't reflect my values or who I've grown up to be as a person and I am personally truly sorry."

After the controversial episode, that aired Wednesday on network Seven, Sonya and Hadil apologised to viewers via Instagram stories, explaining there is more to the scandal than meets the eye.

"We take full responsibility for our words that came out of our mouths and we apologise. Like any reality TV show, no one but the people on-set filming 10-14 hour days know exactly what goes on behind the tears, the tension, the smiles, the reactions and the words exchanged," the friends posted online.

Sisters Jess and Emma recently made an appearance on Sunrise following the fallout and urged people not to troll their rivals. “There is no place for bullying in any way, shape or form,” they declared.

Allow us to sum it up: “You will never reach higher ground if you are always pushing others down.”