Exclusive: Manu talks eliminated team's 'threatening' behaviour

Alicia Vrajlal

My Kitchen Rules judge Manu Feildel has opened up about the decision to send one team home for their 'threatening' and 'uncomfortable' behaviour.

Speaking to Be, the celebrity chef says the contestants, speculated to be Sonya and Hadil, were given warnings ahead of the shock disqualification from the competition, but the aggressive dinner table talk 'went too far' and unfortunately extreme measures had to be taken.

"As it kept on escalating, I started getting edgy and told them keep it down a bit but they went one word too many," Manu tells Be.

My Kitchen Rules judge Manu Feildel has opened up about the decision to send a team home for their 'threatening' and 'uncomfortable' behaviour. Source: Channel Seven
It's speculated that Sonya and Hadil will go. Source: Channel Seven

"They were attacking, threatening, they kept on going under their breath with comment after comment after comment.

"It wasn’t nice to hear. It went too far. Pete and I felt very uncomfortable and it was time to stop and say that’s enough."

Manu says the decision was for the best, and he has not spoken to the team since.

Or could it be Emma and Jess? Source: Channel Seven

"This is a cooking show at the end of the day and this team’s attitude didn’t fit what the competition and the show is about," he tells Be.

"We had to make a decision for the sake of the series, for the sake of everyone. We had to make a change for the rest of the competition to continue."

While this is the biggest MKR scandal to date, Manu insists now that this explosion is behind them, the show can only be bigger and better.

"I hope this will affect MKR in a good way," he reveals.

Sonya and Hadil have made a few controversial comments throughout the season. Does this mean they are leaving? Source: Instagram/sonyahadilau

"We want competitors with good skill of cooking who have opinions, yes, but not to this extent. We love the show but we want it to continue with the right people.

"I hope we never, ever have to do this again."

My Kitchen Rules tonight at 7:00pm on Channel Seven.

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