MKR's Jess' shock confession: 'I was suicidal'

Emma Shepherd

It's been the most explosive season of My Kitchen Rules we've ever seen after Sonya and Hadil were booted off the series due to excessive attacks on sister's Jess and Emma.

Now contestant Jess has opened up about how the backlash left her feeling "suicidal" due to the negative reaction to the biggest catfight in MKR history.

"I was getting death threats, and to this day we are copping it from fans," she told New Idea.

Jess Alvial confessed to the publication she was 'suicidal' after receiving backlash from fans. Source: Seven
Sonya and Hadil were booted off the show for excessive bullying to sister's Jess and Emma

"I had the worst depression," she confessed, adding she's been having therapy because of the criticism and nearly "lost my job and I was suicidal."

The sister's admitted that they felt regretful for how they handled the fight at Kim and Suongs dinner party, with Emma wishing she had of walked out with Jess and not continued to argue with Jordanians Sonya and Hadil.

Emma admitted to the outlet she wished she had of just walked out with her sister Jess instead of continuing to argue with the Jordanians. Source: Seven
Jess admitted the first three months of pregnancy was hard due to the constant attacks from viewers. Source: Seven

However since the show has finished filming it seems Hadil feels the same way and sorry for her actions.

"We wouldn't wish what we went through on our worst enemies," Jess told the outlet. "Hadil isn't in a good way herself, and is very sorry and regretful."

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