MKR contestant Suong gets hospitalised

Emma Shepherd

After My Kitchen Rules contestants Stella and Jazzy failed to impress judges and teams on Sunday night's episode, it was loved-up cocktail couple Alex and Emilys turn to take the reins and wow everyone at their ultimate restaurant on Monday night.

However it wasn't their food that was at the centre of all the drama at the dinner table, but Suong after being rushed to hospital in an ambulance at the end of the night due to excessive stomach cramps.

Speaking exclusively to Be, Suong shared some intel on what really happened that night.

Suong said she felt so sick she blanked out during the ambulance ride. Source: Seven
The ambulance was called and Suong spent the night in hospital. Source: Seven

"The pain was so bad I didn't even remember the ambulance trip at all," she said, adding, "I had an internal virus, it wasn’t period pain cramps which i thought it initially was".

In fact she was in such agony she said she had to be carried outside by Josh.

Suong revealed that her two children were also hospitalised at the same time she was adding to the stress and guilt on the night, that she wasn't "there for them."

Suong said Josh had to carry her outside, the pain was so bad she couldn't walk. Source: Seven
She admitted that guilt of being away from her children who were also sick made everything worse. Source: Seven

"The pressure of not being home," Suong said. "It made the situation worse."

"I lost my daughter when I was 22," she admitted. "Not being there when my children were sick, I was very worried and it was the guilt factor."

And although it was a whirlwind of a night for Suong, she seemed to laugh it off and be in high spirits.

Alex and Emily finished the night strong, taking teh top spot on the leaderboard. Source: Seven

"I’m still alive so it’s good," she laughed. "It wasn’t just me feeling the pressure, it was a long competition and all the other contestants even the crew were all run down."

Meanwhile, once Suong was rushed to hospital, it didn't seem to affect Alex and Emily's nights or scores, putting them at the top of the leaderboard with a total score of 93 out of 100.

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