Musician shocked to find clingy girlfriend faked his uni rejection

Anita Lyons
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A Canadian clarinet star has taken his ex-girlfriend to court for faking a rejection letter to a prestigious school in LA.

Eric Abramovitz, an up and coming musician, applied for a scholarship at Colburn Conservatory of Music to study under tutor Yehuda Gilad, only to not be accepted.

It wasn’t until two whole years later that he discovered the rejection was in fact completely fabricated.

The letter he had received hadn’t come from the school but his girlfriend at the time, Jennifer Lee.

Eric Abramovitch figured out his missed opportunity when he met Yehuda Gilad at an audition and they both questioned why the other had rejected them. Source: Taronto Symphony Orchestra

Fearing her boyfriend would leave her for the US, Jennifer sabotaged the application and even comforted him when he didn’t get in.

Earlier this week, a superior court judge ruled that Jennifer should pay AUD$381,760 in compensation.

He said that it was for “despicable interference” in such an incredible career opportunity.

“To find out it was the person who I had trusted the most and loved, was a simultaneous stab to the back and the heart,” Eric told The Guardian.

“It was a very crushing feeling. I was so driven and really wanted it. I was very disappointed about it and feeling down after I got the rejection.”

Musical director Yehuda Gilad tutors at the Colborn school in LA. Source: Getty

It was only months later that both the tutor and Eric met at an audition and asked why the other had rejected them, realising what had happened.

It turns out Jennifer had created a fraudulent email in the name of Yehuda and had written the rejection letter.

After the revelation it was a fake, Eric used an old password of Jennifer’s to hack in to the email account.

In sworn affidavit, Yehuda said the actions were “unthinkable” and “immoral”.

Jennifer did not defend the claim.


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