Woman furious after husband spends $800 on bucks party but isn't invited to the wedding

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

A woman is furious after her husband spent $800 on a bucks weekend away but was never actually invited to the wedding. 

The woman took to Mumsnet to rant, asking other online members of the group if she was being unreasonable or if the bride and groom were just rude to snub them from their guest list. 

A woman is fuming after her husband spent $800 on a bucks night. Photo: Getty Images

“DH (darling husband) has been invited on stag weekend abroad for an old school friend - one he still regularly socialises with alone, with wives/partners and with the kids too. 

“He has paid $800 (£400) for this stag weekend for August and is really looking forward to it.”

She clarifies that she had no issue with him going on the bucks weekend to Portugal until the wedding invitations were sent out in January and they didn’t receive one. 

“I thought they may wait until they see him in person. We've seen them twice since and nothing has been mentioned,” she said. 

While the woman has no issue with her husband going on the bucks night, she was fuming when she wasn't invited to the wedding. Photo: Getty Images

“Today one of the wives of another of DH's friends said "oh yeah, I knew you and xxx weren't invited."

While her husband doesn’t think it’s a big deal, the woman can’t help but be “slightly annoyed: because of how much he’s spending going on the bucks weekend. 

Many people took her side, saying: ”Wow that’s incredibly rude of the couple. Not even an evening invite? I would find that very crass and if I couldn’t get my money back, I’d tell them why I’d be cutting contact afterwards.”

“It's really rude of the couple. If he's close enough to the groom to go to the stag do, I would at least expect an evening invitation to be given,” another person said. 

Others told the woman to stand her ground when it came to the wedding gift and said it was ‘odd’ behaviour from the bride and groom. 

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