Mum shares hand sanitiser hack only to be told kids are being fleeced of them in the schoolyard

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

A mum has been left shocked by the responses she received after sharing a nifty hand sanitiser hack online.

The woman took to a hack Facebook group to upload a photo showing two bottles, each one with detachable clips. 

“I have been in search of hand sanitisers for my kids.. have not had any luck.. brought these Sunscreen bottles from Kmart.  i am going to empty them, and fill up with our pump hand sanitiser at home. Wanted these because they are able to clip onto school bags,” she wrote. 

A mum was left shocked after sharing a hand sanitiser hack online. Photo: Facebook

Almost immediately, the woman’s post was inundated with responses from other mums, warning her that their children’s hand sanitisers had been stolen from their school bags. 

“Good idea but clip them on the inside of your children's bags .. my girls have been stolen,’ one woman wrote. 

“Yep .. my youngest had a sanitizer and a little sunscreen attached to her bag before all of this started and now, since then they are gone,” another furious woman wrote. 

“Tried this with our three children and they were stolen from their bags. It’s unfortunate that this is happening in schools right now,” another person wrote. 

People quickly let the mum know that hand sanitisers are being stolen from children's school bags. Photo: Getty Images

Other people agreed, saying their children also had their sanitiser stolen and made suggestions as to how they could stop it.

“If they have to take it to school maybe keep it in their pocket or clip it inside the bag?,” one person wrote. 

Another person suggested pinning them to their uniforms or use a zip tie so it would be harder to steal them. 

Deciding to take matters into her own hands, one woman said she clipped a hand sanitiser onto her daughter’s hair scrunchie so she could wear it all day and it wouldn’t go missing. 

Others couldn’t believe that children were now stealing hand sanitiser from each other, with one person simply writing: “Seriously ? from kids? OMG”.

“How sad is it that we have to think about something like stealing hand sanitiser.,” another person wrote. 

One mum also gave a shout out to an ‘entrepreneur’ child in her kid’s school who has been charging ‘$1 a squirt’ for his sanitiser.

The mum who made the initial post commented saying that because of all the feedback she’d received she had decided to use cable ties to keep them on her children’s school bags. 

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