New mum 'horribly' shamed over second pregnancy

One woman was shamed for getting pregnant too soon. Photo: Getty Images

A mum has shared an all-too familiar situation of parent-shaming online, and received an outpouring of support.

When this mum-of-one disclosed her upcoming pregnancy to family and friends, instead of congratulations she copped criticism over expecting another baby too soon.

Taking to Mumsnet to share the dilemma, the expectant-mum disclosed that there will only be 13 months between her two bubs once the new baby comes along.

It’s a fact that didn’t escape her family and friends who felt entitled to point out and criticise the proximity once she announced her pregnancy.

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“Not a single person friend or family has just said congratulations without adding there (sic) own little comment/judgement about how soon it is after Ds (dear son),” the mum wrote.

“Yes I am aware without being told for the 50th time that there will only be 13 months between them and yes I’m sure we’ll have our hands full.

“But if one more person asks me if we planned it or how we’re going to manage, I think I’ll scream.”

“What happened to just being polite and saying, oh how lovely, congratulations,” she wondered.

The response from fellow parents was instant, and almost unanimously positive.

“Congratulations,” wrote one. “People are staggeringly rude about all things baby related, sorry you’re suffering with it.”

“Fabulous news in a world where we only hear bad news,” said one encouraging user.

“(Of) course you can make it work. Their attitude is all about them, and no reflection on you,” said another.

It’s not as if criticism has been shown to help new mums, a 2018 study by Frontiers in Psychology found that when a mother feels judgment and external pressure she is more likely to ‘burn out’.

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