Mum's proposal upstaged by peeing three-year-old son

Sarah Carty
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It was meant to be one of the most romantic moments of her life, but a mum’s proposal has gone viral for the most hilarious reason, after it was taken over by her peeing three-year-old son.

Allyssa Anter couldn’t believe it when her boyfriend, Kevin Prztula, got down on one knee and popped the question last weekend in Michigan.

However, little did she know that as she was saying ‘yes’ and hugging and kissing her new fiancé at Bay City’s Ring of Friendship sculpture, her adorable son, Owen, has decided to drop his pants and take a pee in the background.

A mum’s proposal was hijacked by her three-year-old son. Photo: Storyful
Just as her boyfriend got down on one knee, her three-year-old son decided he needed to pee. Photo: Storyful

The whole thing was caught on camera, but the pair were totally oblivious to what Owen had done until right after the proposal, when the videographer pointed it out.

In the video above, you can see the romantic proposal playing out, with the pair lovingly looking at each other in front of the sculpture.

However, just as Kevin gets down on one knee, nature calls and Owen pulls down his pants and take a pee.

Speaking to the Bay City Times, Allyssa said they were working on potty training the toddler and saw the funny side of the proposal hijacking.

Little did they know they were being upstaged. Photo: Storyful
The romantic proposal didn’t exactly go as planned. Photo: Storyful

“He stole the show, for sure,” she said.

“He pees outside at home sometimes in the yard, and we went and got ice cream the other day and he did it in the parking lot there.

“He just does it without telling anybody, he just pulls his pants down and goes.”

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