TV star's breastfeeding photo sparks controversy

A tender moment between a mother and her young child has sparked debate on social media.

Coco Austin, the model and reality star married to rapper and Law & Order: SVU actor Ice-T, shared a photo of the couple’s 30-month old daughter, Chanel, blissfully dozing away on her semi-exposed chest.

Though 39-year-old Coco isn’t actually nursing Chanel in the photo, it appears to have been taken just after a feed. The proud mum confirmed to a follower that she is still breastfeeding the toddler — “but it’s more for comfort now.”

Many fans were touched by the intimate image, praising the “beautiful bond” of nursing. But the Instagram post also stirred up comments suggesting that Chanel, who turns three in November, is too old to be breastfed. Others made sexual gibes about Coco’s breasts.

Countless fellow mums drowned out the negative criticism by celebrating Coco’s openness about nursing.

“You are an inspiration,” wrote one person. “This is awesome. I’m almost six months into breastfeeding my little girl, and I hope to be able to go as long as she wants.”

“Breastfeeding for comfort is just as important as any other reason,” added another commenter.

Coco Austin with husband Ice-T and their daughter, Chanel. (Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

“Yay for extended breastfeeding and for putting it out there and showing how beautiful and normal it is,” a mom posted.

“My daughter is only days younger than [Chanel], and we’re still nursing for comfort too,” another mom added. “Nice to see we’re not the only who think she’s not ‘too old’ to still be nursing.”

While not all babies have the same nursing experience, these moms won’t be shamed for sticking with it — and they won’t let Coco be, either.

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