Mum's plea for help after discovering hubby’s dirty texts

Rebekah Scanlan
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A mum has turned to the internet for help after discovering a slew of dirty messages from her hubby to other women, asking does this “class as cheating?

The desperate woman posted on mumsnet asking for advice before she confronted her husband, saying it wasn’t the first time she’d busted him for texting other women.

Would you class this as cheating?” she wrote, explaining she was confident he hadn’t met any of the girls in person. 

A mum has turned to the internet for help after discovering a string of inappropriate messages on her husband’s phone to other women. Source: Getty

Despite being sure he hadn’t acted on anything, she said some of the contents were extremely questionable.

“He doesn’t really go out much anymore so I’m not sure when he would find time to physically cheat but would you class this as cheating too?” she said. 

“The messages range from him just having general chit chat to very sexual.” 

Users of the forum were quick to slam her man, saying the moment he turned dirty it was a betrayal.

“It is cheating,” one commenter replied, while another went as far to call the husband a “dirty dog”.

The original post sparked outrage among users who said the hubby was definitely being unfaithful. Source: Mumsnet

“It’s bad enough to be having these inappropriate conversations but he lied about stopping,” another added.

Three hours later the woman updated the thread to say her husband has denied everything and showed her his phone after “deleting the messages”.

Naturally, forum users had little time for his reaction.

OK, so he’s gaslighting you and treating you like you’re stupid or delusional. Get rid of him,” a user said. 

“Since when is exchanging sexy messages with another woman in any way acceptable?” another posted.

But what do you think?

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