'Offensive': Mum slammed over jaw-dropping display of Sydney snobbery

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It goes without saying that certain Sydneysiders have been known indulge in a little suburb and city snobbery from time to time.

The unflattering stereotype sees inner-city and coastal suburbs often tarred with the snobbery brush, but as one explosive Facebook post proved this week it’s a stereotype that at least on occasion proves itself true.

The woman was concerned her move north would be a shock after living on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Photo: Getty Images

The post, shared anonymously to a Sydney Northern Beaches Facebook group, left onlookers appalled at some seriously nasty comments made about ‘demographics’ outside of Sydney’s North Shore.

The woman behind it took to the group to discuss the possibility of relocating to Sydney’s Central Coast from the North Shore and Northern Beaches.

Asking for advice from her fellow beach dwellers the mum let slip some outrageous insinuations about the northern suburbs that betrayed some ugly and classist preconceptions about the area.

Photo: Facebook

“I expect I’ll be judged a little for this,” the woman conceded ahead of sharing her sweeping judgments with the group.

“My family and I are considering a move to the Central Coast both for the cost of housing [and] a slightly slower pace of life, COVID has made me realise I have been rushing abound for no reason.”

“What I’m worried about it the people there, my husband and I have both grown up in Seaforth and Mosman and are somewhat worried about not being surrounded by people that are striving to get places in life. We have a strong circle of influence on the beaches and a great network which we hope to keep.

“Can anyone shed some light on the demographic? Will we terribly miss Manly [and] all the creature comforts we have here.”

“Thanks, and sorry if I’ve offended anyone.”

‘Offensive’ anti-Central Coast post slammed for snobbery

It turned out she had indeed left more than a few people offended by the bizarre post.

Many pointed out that the Central Coast is a popular option for many people looking to build successful lives without selling a major organ to become a homeowner. not to mention boasts stunning beaches and thriving communities.

Photo: Facebook

I find Anon offensive [to be honest],” one irate woman wrote, pointing out success is not measurable by geolocation.

“[I] Know of many successful [and] non-successful people on the beaches, out in the ‘westie’ suburbs, country NSW [and] all over,” she wrote. “Maybe take your ago out of the question... look at the world without judgement... guess everyone’s idea of ‘success’ and what we are striving for will be different.”

“Good luck, you’ll need it if you go with that attitude.”

Another played the Devil’s, or perhaps the residents of the Central Coast’s, advocate.

Photo: Facebook

“The Central Coast is a terrible place, it’s for unsuccessful people only,” they joked. “Please don’t come up here. We will be waiting at the edge of town with pitchforks.”

Others agreed that it is perhaps the original poster, rather than the residents of the Central Coast who should be avoided at all costs, while were disgusted at the blatant classism oozing from the post.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

In perhaps the only positive to come from the nasty post, not a single comment agreeing with the woman surfaced in a hopeful sign that the stereotyping may be a bad apple rather than a rotten orchard.

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