Mum's incredible hack to spruce up your Kmart toaster: 'Stunning'

A creative mum has shared her incredible hack to spruce up her humble Kmart toaster by using an interesting item.

Sharing on the popular Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia Facebook page, Alicia Hollier showed how she transformed her simple white Kmart toaster, retailing for $29, by using furniture decor transfers.

Kmart white toaster with images of flowers and birds on it.
Many mums thought the Kmart toaster looked incredible after the decor was added. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Home Decor & Hacks

Alongside the photos of the finished product, she wrote: “I purchased a $29 4 sliced toaster from Kmart, then I let [my] two girls, 9 and 5 years old decorate them using the gorgeous Hokus Pokus transfers.

“I absolutely love how it turned out and I love the way it looks in my kitchen. My new toaster is now a big feature in my kitchen,” she finished.

The mum praised her two children, saying “It was all Mia and Paige, I did nothing apart from buy [the] toaster!”

Her post received almost 2,500 likes and over 250 comments, many from mums who were wanting to try it out for themselves, with people calling the finished product ‘incredible’ and ‘gorgeous’.


Two photos of the Kmart white toaster, with decals attached.
The mum said it was so simple that her daughters were able to do it on their own. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Home Decor & Hacks

“Do you hire the girls out, they have done a great job,” one mum quipped.

“Beautiful and unique! Your girls will be so proud that they have pride of place in your kitchen,” another added.

“Wow, it looks stunning, well done,” a third wrote.

Not all mums were on board with the idea, with some wondering if the transfer stickers would melt or cause a fire.

Alicia said she tested the toaster before applying the transfers, and only applied them to the areas that didn’t get hot. She also mentioned that she had so many transfers leftover she could use for other projects, including the kettle or coffee and tea canisters.

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