Mum’s horror after mother-in-law discovers X-rated object in laundry

Allison Yee
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If there’s anyone you desperately want to hide your bedroom secrets from, it’s your mother-in-law.

Sadly, for one mum, that’s exactly who busted her after a kind gesture to do a load of laundry went horribly wrong.

In a post that’s gone viral on online forum Mumsnet, the unidentified mum explained how her mother-in-law stepped in to save the day when her washing machine decided to die.

When mother-in-law good deeds go wrong… Photo: Getty

“[She] offered to do a couple of loads for us, so we took a suitcase over today,” the mum wrote.

The mum then left with her husband to take their child swimming, only to be greeted with a very unwanted surprise on their return.

“When we came back, that load had finished so she had taken it out and packed it into carrier bags for us to take home to dry,” she explained.

“I’ve just hung everything up now. In one of the carrier bags, on top of the pile of folded clothes (no idea why she folded them knowing I was only going to hang them up at the other end, but never mind) was a small, black COCK RING.”

The mum goes on to admit that the sex toy was indeed her husband’s, but had no idea how it managed to get into a load of laundry.

“I haven’t seen it in years, and neither of us have a clue how it got into our laundry. There is no chance she doesn’t know what it is.”

The thread sparked a hilarious response, with many reassuring the mum about the situation and advising her to never bring it up again.

The mum in question claims she has no idea how the sex toy got into the load of laundry in the first place. Photo: Getty

“I’m 68 too…we know what’s what!” commented one. “Sex doesn’t change or stop when your kids are grown up! If that was me, I’d just laugh about it!”

“Omg. Omg. OMG!! To be fair, my [MIL] wouldn’t have a clue what it was (hopefully!),” added another.

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